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How to style up your stairs carpet

Carpet Trends for 2023

Depending on the layout of your home, your stairs might be one of the first things that your family, friends and guests see. So why not make a few changes to your stairs carpet, spruce them up and make them somewhat of a focal point in your home? Gone are the days in which stairs are just carpeted and it’s over and done with. Now you can have some fun with it.

Stair carpets Warrington

One easy way in which you can spruce up your stairs is by getting a stair running instead of fully carpeting the stairs. A stair runner allows you to do something slightly different as you’re able to choose the colour underneath the runner itself.

If you’ve got a funky colour scheme in your hallway, this is the perfect way to tie it into your stairs. It also means you’re able to change up your stairs a lot more regularly than you could if you had carpet all across your stairs.

Another way in which you could carpet your stairs is by using a mix of both carpet and laminate. This means carpet on the top of the step and laminate on the side.  This is something a little bit more permanent, however, you can pair together whatever colours and patterns of flooring you like.

You could choose a light and dark pairing to give off a monochrome feel, or you could choose two different shades of the same colour. The options are endless.

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Here at Welch Mill Carpet Showroom, we stock a huge range of carpets in different colours and patterns. If you’re looking to upgrade your stairs, or any other room in your home, then get in touch with one of our team today. They’re always on hand to help with any flooring questions and queries you may have.