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Using Rugs in Modern Home Decor

Modern home decor

Many customers turn to Rugs rather than Carpets for their Modern Home Decor and there are many reasons for this.  The obvious is that Carpets are completely stagnant, so there isn’t as much versatility with these. On the other hand, Rugs can be used in so many different ways in so many different environments.

These are much more than a pretty addition, as this blog will delve into the many uses. Welch Mill Carpets have a large selection of different rugs to browse, consisting of different colours and materials. Across the years we have built our reputation through our huge Leigh Showroom, attracting customers from the local areas.


How can Rugs enhance a Modern Interior?

The most affordable way of changing the colour theme of your room is through using rugs. Find yourself a rug which will brighten up your room, a unique eye candy which can slot into your pre-existing décor. Changing the mood has never been easy, as you can easily swap one rug for another.

Rugs will completely change the underfoot of your living space, a nice change from your usual flooring. This can be great in bedrooms and living rooms next to beds and couches for the most comfort. Also rather than using furniture pads, a Rug will be a more visually appealing way of achieving the same effect.

Another use of Rugs is that they can be used to divide a room into separate areas. For instance a rug can separate a sitting area from the rest of an open plan room. Not to mention how easily rugs can be moved and readjusted to fit with your specifications.


The Nuances can make the biggest differences

Stains and cracks can really take the attention away from what is gorgeous flooring. This is where rugs come in, being able to easily cover up the issues with a colourful rug instead. Not to mention it will be a much easier surface to clean, as a rug only needs a quick hoovering up.

Although welcome mats are still a necessity for homes, a rug to compliment can certainly be the cherry on top. This will make for the best welcoming statement, ready for any visitors. However, it can be tricky when considering both natural elements and the style of your home.

Protecting and Layering are arguably the two most popular uses of Rugs. Wood Flooring is always in high traffic areas so having an additional layer for protection will certainly be useful. Layering Carpets is a very popular addition to living rooms, for the most visually appealing flooring.


Rugs for your Modern Home Decor

Welch Mill Carpets have a massive showroom located in the heart of Leigh, with plenty of rugs available. There is something here for everyone, from vibrant patterns to the most comfortable of materials. Here you will be able to find a luxury flooring within your price range.

If you are in immediate need for .information on any of our floorings, then get in touch. By dropping your contact information and your enquiry we will be able to answer any questions



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