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Which type of flooring is the most low maintenance?

vinyl flooring showroom

We’re all spending more and more time at home, and with everyone home more it’s easier to see your home being messier than you’d like it. We’re all looking for low maintenance when it comes to our flooring and home interior, especially if you have a busy household. So what type of flooring is the most low maintenance? Here at Welch Mill vinyl flooring showroom, we want to introduce you to the world of Luxury Vinyl Tiles!

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury Vinyl Tiles or LVT is the perfect combination of both style and substance. They can imitate real hard wood or stone flooring without the major costs that comes with those flooring materials. The tiles also much more affordable and much easier to maintain and keep clean.

The LTV planks are able to look so realistic because of the photographic layer that’s sandwiched between the backing and top clear layer.

To match all the different design styles, the planks come in different lengths and thickness in order to give off a more realistic finish.

Does Karndean Flooring dent?

One of the main questions which comes with investing in new Kanrdean flooring is: does Karndean Flooring dent? Fortunately, Karndean has a high quality wear layer, a thick layer offering guard surface protection

Cleaning this vinyl is as simple as sweeping and mopping the floor and that’s it! A regular sweep just removes all surface dirt and debris, then a weekly mop with a soft microfiber mop head and a suitable floor cleaner will do the job. If you do need to tackle spots and specific stains then avoid all scrubbing motions as that can wear away the protective top layer. In addition there are many flooring products, specific karndean products which can hide scratches and scuff marks.

One way of maintaining Karndean is investing in a top quality installation for your Karndean looselay flooring. This is most definitely worth the money, as it sets your flooring up for long-term success rather than failure. Yes, its important to keep karndean clean, but a professional installation is just as important.

Vinyl Flooring Showroom

We truly believe that LTV is a flooring type that works in nearly every situation, but there are a few things to remember about this flooring style.

It’s a softer surface than other flooring which means it’s easier to dent. It’s not UV resistant so can discolour over time if it’s in direct sunlight.

Why not come down to our vinyl flooring showroom to see what we have on offer for you?