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Vinyl Floors for Different Rooms

Vinyl Floors

The benefit of Vinyl floors is that it’s not only a durable flooring option but also looks realistic. So, when guests arrive at your home they will never know if it was real wood, laminate, or stone.

Looking to buy vinyl for the bathroom but worried that it might be too slippery when wet, especially when you have children? Don’t worry! All vinyl is anti-slip, water-resistant, easy to clean and of course, stylish.

Vinyl Flooring

Choosing the Right Vinyl Floors for Your Home

Vinyl flooring has always been a popular choice in kitchens, due to the kitchen being the most important room in your home, with family and guests often gathering in the kitchen to socialise, eat, and cook together. So, any spills can be easily mopped up, leaving no stains or residue, making your floor look new for many years.

If it’s vinyl you are looking for in the living room, look no further Welch Mill Superstore stocks vinyl suited for every room. Our thick, cushioned vinyl not only looks superb but gives you a thick, cushioned, and comfortable underfoot. With a choice of wood and stone effect to bold patterns to suit every lounge.

This type of vinyl flooring is also an excellent choice for bedrooms, especially children’s bedrooms. They can play without worrying about the mess. A quick clean is all vinyl floors need, with the benefits of a comfortable underfoot.

Hallways are hard to clean with the volume of traffic and dirt from the outside. So once again vinyl is a perfect choice, as it is easy to keep clean and keeps your hallway bright and welcoming.
*Please note that sheet vinyl isn’t recommended for stairs

The dining room is also a room where families spend a lot of time, whatever the occasion. So, it is inevitable that it will have plenty of spills, especially with children. With vinyl flooring, you don’t have to worry, as the surface can be cleaned quickly and easily. Furthermore, we sell a vast range of gorgeous patterns, so you are sure to find your perfect choice.