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Flooring trends – what are the top fashions we’ve been seeing in 2018?

Flooring trends

We’re over half way through 2018 now, so we thought it might be a good idea to have a look at some of 2018’s top flooring trends. If you’ve been thinking of renovating your home and want to keep up with the latest flooring trends, or you’re simply interested in the fashion this year, then read on to find out our recommendations!

At the moment, a pattern is a strong trend. Large format tiles mixed with wood planking are a fun way to create a look that is subtly elegant. A concrete look on tile will look good in your home for years to come. A trend also becoming more and more prominent is continuing your plank flooring up the wall. You are adding physical warmth to a room that cannot be duplicated by paint. This is a simple but effective solution for areas that are bound to feel cold, such as in the basement.

Flooring trends

Natural wood flooring is one of the original flooring trends that will never age. Most commonly used in a bathroom, it is now creeping into people’s living rooms and bedrooms too. People are choosing it more and more because of its durability. It’s especially popular with those who have young children and pets! It can also be easier to accessorise a room if you don’t have to think about the colour of the carpet, too!

One of the more modern and contemporary flooring trends appearing a little more predominantly is wood floors that are stained a different colour from the original. For example, if you wanted a pop of colour, you could stain your hallway wood a refreshing blue. The thing to remember with trends is you need to like them. Don’t just end up with a bright red floor because everyone else has got a bright red floor! Flooring trends may dip in and out of popularity. However, as long as you like it, what does it matter what everyone else is doing?