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The best ways to dry off your carpet if it gets wet

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So the weathers getting darker and wetter, and it’s easy enough to make the mistake of leaving a window open over night and you end up with a wet patch on the carpet. Or, you’ve got a busy family home, with kids and pets or both, and large spillages might be common place. Here at Welch Mill Carpets Showroom Wigan, we’ve pulled together a blog on how to deal with the different types of large spillages that might occur in your home.

How to dry off your carpet

So if it is just a water spillage or rain water, you don’t need to worry about calling in professional cleaners as there’s no contamination in the liquid.

The first step to drying off your carpet is to make sure that the water source has been stopped. If it’s a leaky pipe then ring a plumber and get that sorted as soon as possible. Once the water has been stopped, move away any furniture/objects in the surrounding areas. If any items have been damaged then get rid of them. And then make sure that you restrict the amount of foot traffic in that specific area.

Once you’ve got the area prepped, we would recommend using a wet vacuum. These will  suck up as much of the excess water as possible. Keep going over the area until it looks like there isn’t any more water being taken in by the vacuum.

Then, using a high density cloth/fabric such as a microfiber cloth, put them over the damp patches and apply pressure. Once they’re full of water, keep repeating for as long as possible.

So once you’ve soaked up as much water as possible, it’s important to create some air flow in the room. Use fans or dehumidfiers and open windows as many window as you can.

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