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What can you use to clean your carpets?

carpets cleaning

Carpets can make or break a room and there is no getting away from them, you need some sort of carpet or flooring in every room. So what happens if they do get dirty? You can try your hardest to keep them as clean and pristine as possible, making everyone take their shoes off before they enter the house/room, but the nature and usage of carpets means that they will inevitably get dirty. Here are some of our favourite ways of keeping your carpets looking as good as possible.

Carpet cleaning products

Hopefully it goes without saying that vacuuming is a really good way to keep carpets looking fresh, as is making everyone take of their shoes. However, none of these options help if you drop a glass of red wine on the floor or a mucky pup runs in. It’s a nightmare as it’s something that could potentially be on the carpet for years and (as the name suggests) create a stain. But if you’ve got a busy household full of children or pets, you might want to avoid cleaners with harmful chemicals in them. Natural alternatives include –

  • Baking soda – sprinkle it generously over the carpet (this only works if it is a fresh spillage) then leave for at least 30 minutes. If you can leave it over night without being disturbed then even better! Then vacuum it and hopefully the majority of the stain away!
  • Ice – this will be your best friend if anything sticky get into the carpet. Freezing makes it easier to break things away from the carpet fibers.
  • Milk – this might be a surprising one, but milk is one of the best things to get rid of blood stains.

Welch Mill Carpets

Here at Welch Mill, we have a huge range of not only carpets but flooring as well. If you’re over trying to prevent stainage on your carpets, then we can recommend flooring that is easy to clean and that will fit in with your home.