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What is the best way to clean Artificial Grass?

clean Artificial Grass

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Getting the most out of your new Artificial Grass may not be a priority, but it is a must. When it comes to the upkeep of your fake lawn grass it should be straightforward yet as effective as possible. This is mainly due to the fact that the most popular reason for investing in a fake lawn is for convenience and easy upkeep.

Choosing to get rid of your natural lawn will bring a lot of benefits to your garden. So the best way to get the very most out of this lawn is by frequently cleaning the surface. Not only this, but Spring is the best time of year to invest in a new Artificial Lawn at Welch Mill.

In which ways can I clean Artificial Grass?

There are quite a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to Fake Grass solutions. Our suggestion for frequent cleans would actually be a quick hose down to wash out any dirt and excess. Or for a more thorough clean a quick damp sponge scrub on any dirt stains.

All things considered, there are many factors which can ruin your new outdoor flooring. Weather is definitely one of them, especially snow so remove any snow and avoid using salt. Pets are another, but as always a quick hose-down can prevent stains, bad smells and discolouration.

Can you use a vacuum cleaner on artificial grass?

On the other hand, the don’ts consist of not using a vacuum cleaning on the artificial grass. We get asked this a lot and if your artificial grass is laid professionally, it’s likely to have a sand foundation. Thus, hoovering an artificial lawn could remove and suck up infill sand and fibres.

On this basis, a leaf blower is recommended to ensure that no dirt or particles begin to build up on the surface.

How long should Artificial Lawns last?

Although it isn’t a huge investment, Artificial Grass will come with installation fees on top of the price for a professional job. On the whole, an Artificial Lawn is projected to last between 7 – 15 years. But, like any flooring, the more care and maintenance the longer the lifespan.

When it comes to how often you should clean Artificial Grass, it will depend on usage and time of year. But as a general rule, it should be quickly sprayed once per week and deep cleaned once per month. This is because you need to take into consideration foot traffic, stains and natural hindrances.

Larger Debris such as branches and other plant fragments should either be moved ASAP or brushed up. Even the smallest things can begin to slowly damage or wear down your fake grass.

Where can I get Artificial Grass Leigh?

The most popular flooring showroom across the local counties is Leigh’s very own Welch Mill. For many decades now, we have been suppliers of the largest selection of floors in the North. In our Leigh Showroom, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to domestic flooring.

However, we have synthetic grass ranges which are very popular right now due to the summer being on the horizon. So get yours installed before the demand reaches its peak, replacing your natural lawn surface.

Start your new flooring project by filling out our contact form today. This is whether it’s a question or enquiry we will have the answer lined up. Get your Artificial Lawn project underway by clicking here.