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Why choose Vinyl Flooring from Welch Mill?

Vinyl Flooring warrington

At Welch Mill we have a variety of choices for resilient vinyl flooring Warrington including; a spectrum of styles, colours, textures, and patterns. Also, by choosing our vinyl options you get to wreak the benefits that come along with the material. For instance, it is easy to clean, comfy under-foo, stain-resistant and family-friendly. As a result, this flooring option is increasing popularity with value hungry shoppers.

Furthermore, the demand continues for the luxury vinyl at Welch Mill; because of our top-quality resilient flooring with realistic stones, wooden planks, and ceramic tiles designs. And, the vinyl stock that we offer spans all the market price ranges.

Although, the fact that the vinyl flooring is mimicking the look of real stone or wood floors for example; doesn’t mean that the quality drops you can still use the floor as you would with the real deal! High-end materials, such as tumbled marble and exotic hardwoods, are very authentic but come along with a big price tag. So, if you are looking for a floor that looks just how you envisioned for a fraction of the price, vinyl is an impressive option.

Carpet or Vinyl Flooring?

Carpet remains a popular option in many households, probably because it is known for its warmth and comfort. Plus, a carpet is very affordable and you can buy top-end carpets that will last you a lifetime. But, a carpet is not suitable for all rooms in your home.

For instance, the bathroom, kitchen, and other areas that are at high risk of spillages will soon ruin a good carpet. Also heavily walked areas like hallways often get very dirty from outdoor shoes.

This is when vinyl becomes a great option; as it is water-resistant that can be wiped clean and stays looking great. Additionally, today’s modern option offers some great hardwearing options that offer warmth and comfort to challenge the choice of carpet.

In, fact top-end Vinyl like Karndean floors offers beautiful flooring for every room in the house. So when you think about Vinyl and think cushion floor we’re talking get the look and durability of real wood floors! And if you still like carpet, you can always add a rug with a pop of colour.

Find out more about Vinyl flooring options at  Welch Mill;  you can visit our huge store today! Also, you can contact us if you have any further questions on 01942 604656