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Why you need Wood Flooring this summer

Wood Flooring this summer

The prime time to invest in flooring is summer, due to the convenience and advantages of new flooring. By this we mean that it isn’t as easy to tread in any dirt during the summer, because of weather. So to get your new Wood Flooring this summer, come to Welch Mill Carpets.

Here at Welch Mill Carpets, there are wood flooring planks in the abundance with all kinds of designs. Although we are the home of carpets in the North West, we certainly cover wood floors, vinyl floor and laminate. Not to mention the many layering styles our flooring installation can carry out for you.


How will your Wood Flooring shine in your home this summer?

Welch Mill’s Wood Flooring collection is popular for one main reason, which is authenticity. Solid Wood Flooring preserves it’s rugged underfoot feel, along with its acoustic and thermal benefits. If it is engineered wood flooring then a lot of inspiration is taken from real wood in feel and appearance.

As already mentioned, excess won’t be an issue in the summer so maintenance is quick and easy. Whereas in winter, mud, dirt and more can be built up easily, a quick mop or hoover twice a week will be enough. Not to mention how in summer, pollen and dust won’t be stored in the material like with carpets.

The finish plays a huge role in appearance and durability, Welch Mill can finish, refinish and even sand. From lacquering to oiling, there is a finish for every flooring in any room of the house. This can improve appearance, offer protection and preserve your flooring for the long term.


Lasting past the winter for years to come!

Despite the fact that wood flooring definitely earns its keep in the warmer months, how is it long term? As you will know, with the high demand for wood flooring this has led to an oversaturated market. This is why Welch Mill has done their research to ensure that customers are receiving much more than a trend.

One particular worry with Wood Floors down the years has been discolouring, especially in kitchens with direct sunlight. Carpets and Laminate especially experience this, with stains being a worry. However, Solid Wood Flooring is not at danger to it due to it being natural material so is a much better investment.

On this note, Solid Wood Flooring can actually add value to your home because buyers don’t want a pre-owned carpet. Wood Floors are timeless and will be a desirable addition to any property, both commercial and domestic. Not to mention, that a Wood Flooring should be able to fit into any contemporary or traditional décor.


Welch Mill: New Wood Flooring this summer

For your 2023 summer wood flooring projects, the place you need to go is Welch Mill Carpets & Flooring. Our Leigh Showroom is known for having every flooring you could need under one roof. In fact, it is the biggest flooring showroom in the North West and in the prime location.

As a huge flooring showroom, you can of course find laminate flooring and vinyl flooring. This is in addition to LVT, Rugs and even Artificial Grass collections too. For any specific information or enquiries, get in touch by clicking here.