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Wood Flooring Trends for 2023

Wood Flooring Trends for 2023

A new year brings new trends, so what are the latest wood flooring trends for 2023? Many of the forecast trends are, perhaps predictably, based on highly sustainable products, creating a sense of warmth and a more ‘simple life’ vibe within our homes. People are looking for natural materials in the products they choose. Such as textures play a significant role in this trend, helping to give flooring longevity.

Perhaps it’s the time of year, and people are trying to create a cosier feel. Or maybe it’s because many of us seem to be spending a little more time in our homes. Either way, we are keen to create a warmer, more welcoming feel now than ever.
Wood Flooring Trends for 2023

When it comes to laminate flooring, they can help achieve a wood look. However, natural wood flooring has a timeless appeal and durability that allows it to work well in nearly any commercial or residential setting. Natural wood flooring Warrington also has an added attraction that brings warmth and a natural feeling to any home allowing you to relax and enjoy the home décor.

Here at Welch Mill, we are proud to offer an extensive range of wood flooring Wigan; inspired by nature, our beautiful flooring planks come in various finishes. Enjoy smooth wood floors that are water-resistant and easy to clean, making wood a popular choice for those families with children and pets.

Natural wood trends

Homeowners are moving towards more natural, neutral floor colours that are versatile enough to fit with various living spaces, from dining rooms to bedrooms. These shades create a calming atmosphere that can be designed to each individual’s liking.

Smokey Wood Flooring

For the last few years, grey tones have been popular in homes and offices. And it’s here to stay for 2023! Its Smokey toned floors add character to wood flooring St Helens. This floor colour has a unique look to them that’s very appealing. Such as the warm undertone that hardwood flooring options are known for. But they also have a rustic, edgy look that is gaining popularity.
Unique Flooring Trends
Herringbone and chevron are two flooring designs that make a big impression on your home. Herringbone is one of today’s most popular designs and is similar to chevron flooring. The main difference is that herringbone floors are rectangular, whereas chevron boards are cut at an angle. These are great options to add visual interest to your entryways, kitchen floors or living room.
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Here at Welch Mill, we have a fantastic collection of engineered wood planks and a professional fitting service available for the wood flooring you choose. Wood flooring will never go out of style and are built to last. These floors can survive a lot of use while retaining their beauty and charm. So if you live in Bolton, St Helen’s, Warrington, Wigan and the North West. Find your next floor trend with Welch Mill; our flooring experts are happy to help you find wood flooring Warrington that will make your home stand out from the rest.
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