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A guide to Engineered Wood Floor

Engineered Wood Flooring Myths

When it comes to flooring, engineered wood flooring stands out from all types of flooring. Engineered Wood Floor is the traditional aesthetic of solid hardwood with a new-fangled and contemporary cutting-edge design that makes it alluring & enticing.

Layers of Engineered Wood Floor:

Engineered wood flooring comprises of several layers, so let us walk you through two main layers:

Top Layer

The top layer is a species of real hardwood. With Welch Mill Carpets engineered wood flooring, you will get exciting features like choosing the wood floor colour of your choice, cutting, edges, wood flooring finishing, and surface texture in areas where solid hardwood is not suggested.

At Welch Mill Carpets, you have a stack of color options to choose from, ranging from dark chocolate brown color and walnut to natural oak walnut and more.

Core Layer

The core layer is made up of pine & spruce woods. So this allowing wood expansion & contraction with changing temperatures & moisture levels without affecting the floor. Therefore, this makes it weather-resistant & moisture-resistant compared to a solid hardwood floor.

This type of wood flooring is designed in such a way that its look & feel is identical to hardwood flooring. However, its construction uses a thin layer of hardwood to give it an appearance (sense) of hardwood, and the core has plywood.

Benefits of Engineered Wood Floor

Engineered Wood Flooring offers multiple benefits, thus making it an irresistible buying option. Let us walk you through the benefits of this stylish flooring


If you are looking for something royal, plush, and classical, then the answer to all three is – Engineering Wood Flooring. With the feel of traditional hardwood flooring and craftsmanship of the contemporary finest display of exhibition, engineered wood flooring is an alluring choice of flooring to buy in the market.

With magnificent visually appealing colours and cutting-edge finishing, engineered wood flooring is one of the most stylish flooring in the market.

Installation & Durability

Engineered wood flooring installation is DIY-friendly. It is available in glued or interlocking planks, making it easy to install. Though the top layer has a thin layer of hardwood, it can still last up to 30 years and even more depending on proper time-to-time maintenance, offering you robust durability in the market.

Temperature Resistant

Engineered Wood Flooring expands & contracts with changing temperatures & moisture levels without affecting the floor, and its wood doesn’t shrink or swell compared to hardwood flooring. It provides you remarkable suitability with water-fed underfloor heating, making it the most intelligent decision for new home renovations.

Colour Options

Engineered Wooden Flooring offers you stunning colour options. At Welch Mill Carpets, you get wood planks in pleasant & charming shades like brown, dark brown, golden, grey, natural, rustic, prime, and character. Therefore, this will allow you to add an opulent and captivating look to your house flooring.

Shop Engineered Wood Floor at Welch Mill

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